Week 2.2

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Human beings are the inventors of hospitals, the care of the sick and of universities for the acquisition of wisdom.  But they also invented torture chambers, concentration camps and nuclear arsenals.  This is the paradox of our humanness.  We are both noble and ignoble, both rational and irrational, both moral and immoral, both creative and destructive, both loving and selfish both God-like and bestial.
John Stott

This quote captures the human condition so well. Both the beauty and capabilities of humanity as well as its desperate failings. The good from our Creator and sin from our own choices. There's despair in all of our hearts.

Long lay the world in sin and error pining. 

And yet, there's a longing for hope and joy in our daily experience especially during the Advent season. The human condition cries out for something or someone outside of ourselves to save us from ourselves. In our deepest and darkest and most silent moments we must admit, if only to ourselves, the great despair of the human condition. That despair comes from wondering if there truly is anyone in the universe that values us, loves us, even when they know our deepest secrets and imperfections.

Til he appears and the soul felt its worth.


Josh Schreck