Week 3.1

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Irony. After ending our Gathering with silence and asking you to find time in your day for silence - here we are sending emails and adding some noise to the distraction.  However as we work and go about our weeks remember, we never worship Jesus alone. One of the key pieces of the church is our community - even in silence. The Spirit of God speaking to the people of God gives the opportunity for partnership in the movements of God. 

As we worship through the ancient practice of silence this week, whatever that looks like for you, perhaps share with a friend, spouse, or co-worker what the coming of Jesus means. Remember we're asking the question,

If Jesus were not God would it effect my life in any way?

God with us. Jesus coming. The celebration of the Advent. Does it mean anything? In the moment of silence you find today what's the Spirit saying to you?

Josh Schreck