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1319 NE 7th Ave
Portland, OR


Coffee and Snacks: 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Sunday Gatherings: 11:00 am - 12:15 pm



Where are you located and what about parking?

Our front door is located at 1319 NE 7th Ave, Portland, OR. If you know your way around Portland you 

will be familiar with names like the Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center District. We are in that general area; 

actually we are only a block west of Lloyd Center Mall. We are located two blocks north of the 

7th Ave stop and right on the street car line


Parking on a Sunday morning is a breeze. Park in our back lot (off Wasco) or across the street (NE 7th Ave)

for free! 



Yes! There are handicapped parking spots in our main parking lot (NE 6th & Wasco), an accessible

entrance from that lot, and an elevator just down the hall from that entrance. Our sanctuary is wheelchair

accessible, as is the restroom located on the 3rd floor via the elevator.

What Can I Expect Sunday Morning?

A typical Sunday Morning Gathering at Temple is 75 minutes and starts at 11 am. It is filled with music 

that will lead us in worship, preaching/teaching that will communicate Biblical truths that will engage 

your life right where you are. As well as, some laughter and friendly faces (and the bodies to go with 

them). The age range of those who attend our Gathering is anywhere from 11 – 94.

Is there something for my kids?

We definitely have space for kids of all ages. We have your family covered from the nursery care, 

preschool classes and elementary programs our vetted volunteers are ready to love on them and give 

them back to you when you’re ready. We also have student ministries that meet (Jr. High / High School) 

during the week and for various events. Check out our Student Ministries ("FUSION") if you need more information.

What will I have to give or sign up for?

Nothing! We would however love to know that you have visited and everyone at Temple (or that’s 

our goal) fills out a CoNext card during the Gathering. If you’d be willing to share that limited 

information with us it lets us work hard at making you feel welcome. We DO NOT sell your information to 

the highest bidder, sign you up for anything, come to your door later that week or send you junk mail…in 

case you were wondering.

What would I be expected to wear?

Clothes! We are in the Pacific Northwest so casual is definitely the feel. But we have everything from 

jeans to business casual.

Do you have Coffee?

That's a legitimate question. We do have coffee before the Gathering (and food even though you didn’t ask) and feel free to bring it into the sanctuary. We don’t have cup holders so be careful…it’s hot!

Where do I go with a question? 

We have an information desk right inside the front door. Also, just ask anyone standing around you and 

if they don’t know the answer they can find out!