What is a First Responder Rest Stop?

A Rest Stop is a safe place for first responders to go to when they are on duty. It is a non-contact office, meaning they are not in the public’s eye and can stop for a moment to catch up on paperwork, eat lunch, or get a drink.

A Rest Stop is an avenue for meaningful connection between the desire to show care and support to the community, and being more effective in doing so. This is accomplished through the first responders that go to almost every major event of suffering and pain that takes place. The first responders are out rushing to people in their greatest moment of need, every hour of every day. People call 911 and state their need. First responders come as soon as they can, to every call, no matter what the conditions are or what their own needs are…and they do this over and over again, every shift, every day, and in many cases, every hour.

As the Church and a community, we may say we are thankful for the work that public servants do for us. But when we essentially hand them a key, give them access to our building, care for them and give them rest, many finally believe what we have been saying is really true.

First responders are usually assigned to geographic districts where they patrol and work to be proactive in responding to calls in an area. However, for first responders, especially cops, to go to a non-contact office, they almost always have to drive a distance to an office, fire station, or precinct to take a break or do paperwork. This can be both time-consuming and strategically inefficient, especially during major incidents.

Many church buildings and other community businesses have at least one room that is available for use throughout the week, especially at night when the needs are greatest.

We have first responders using church Rest Stops multiple times during almost every overnight shift and many days during their work week. Many express thanks for the Rest Stops and ask for help in establishing more in other areas of town.