Jeremy Taylor - Lead Pastor

Tell us about your family:

My beautiful wife April and I have been married since 1999. I’m learning from her what it means to truly love someone with grace, mercy and Jesus-type love. We have three amazing and gorgeous (guess whose DNA is responsible for that) children Jerusha (2004), Naomi (2007) and Elijah (2010) who remind us of our limitations, drive us to prayer and keep us laughing….a lot!

What’s on your playlist?

Piano Guys, David Crowder, Imagine Dragons, Bryan Adams, Chris Tomlin, Kelly Clarkson, Train, One Direction, U2, Anthem Lights, and anything else that isn’t country.

Favorite movies/shows?

Movies: Rudy, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Inception, Remember the Titans, Elf, Star Wars (originals), Blindside, The Village, Hunt for Red October.

TV Shows: Football! Elementary, Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, Psych, White Collar, Sherlock Holmes, Airwolf, A-Team, TED Conferences.

Where would you recommend eating in Portland?

I am making the list up as I experience it.  Some favorites to date: Pizza Schmizza, Bamboo Grove Hawaiian, Mike's Drive-In, Flying Pie Pizza, Jeff Potter's Grill and anything my wife makes.  I'm still looking for a great steak place and my go-to Mexican restaurant.  Any suggestions (or invitations) greatly appreciated!

To really know me you have to…

…get to know my sense of humor, tell it to me straight and expect to receive it the same way.

What’s your passion for the people you serve?

I love to see people take the next step in their journey of faith, and then take the next step. I love watching when people ‘get’ that Jesus really loves them and then to totally integrated him into their lives. I love to hear people’s stories of transformation, redemption (death to life) and what is going on in their lives. I love being a part of the movement that God uses to build His Kingdom on earth and now specifically in Portland.

Your one sentence job description is…

The Lead Pastor will relationally equip and empower people on their journey in Christ, effectively communicating the Word of God while intentionally modeling and shaping the desired culture of Temple Baptist Church.